April 2016

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  • Editorial

Bice, M. R. (2016). Predictions of adult physical activity: Fact or fiction. AGON Int J Sport Sci, 5(1), 3-6

  • Original Articles

Arrechea Rivas, F. (2016). The flag bearer for Spain at the 1920 Olympic Games. AGON Int J Sport Sci, 6(1), 7-16

Viuda-Serrano, A. (2016). Notes for the study of repression in sport during the first years of Spanish Francoism (1939-1945). AGON Int J Sport Sci, 6(1), 17-25

Ortega, E.; García-Angulo, A.; Mendoza, R. (2016). Handball rules modification in youth categories according to players’ opinion. AGON Int J Sport Sci, 5(1), 27-34

Portela Pozo, Y.; Rodríguez Stiven, E.; Scull González, R. (2016). Group work in physical education classes for university students: A methodological experience at the Cuban Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas. AGON Int J Sport Sci, 5(1), 35-43

  • Review Articles

Sánchez-Alcaraz, B.J. (2016). Analysis of scientific research in padel. AGON Int J Sport Sci, 5(1), 44-54

ISSN: 2254-2132